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Featured Video This Is Gospel

  1. The Music of the Night at Adelphi University
    Video is curtesy of Dr. Louis Pannullo
  2. Dentist from Little Shop of Horror at Adelphi University
    Video curtesy of Dr. Louis Pannullo
  3. Agony from Into the Woods Feat. Jeremy Hays at Adelphi University
    Video Curtesy of Dr. Louis Pannullo
  4. A Life On Broadway Documentary
    Jeremy Stolle is an actor and singer understudying the role of the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. This documentary allows the audience to see the cost of a life on stage in New York City, first hand, from a performer, father and concert artist, who, like all of us, dreams big. Produced/Directed by Caitlyn Ebsworthy, Produced by Jeremy Stolle, Cinematography by Jonathan Tang and Edited by Rebeca Mendoza Copyright of Tarka Productions & Caitlyn Ebsworthy & Jeremy Stolle
  5. The Unreachable Stars Concert 2018
    Watch this Highlights video from the Unreachable Stars Tour in China Starring Jeremy Stolle, Heather Lundstedt O'Neill and Joseph Paul Rykert. The Video Features a performance from Changchun China and features music from Hamilton, Dear Evan Hanson, Wicked and an arraignment of Big Spender by Jeremy Stolle and Jim Morgan
  6. Soliloquy at Adelphi University
    Curtesy of Dr. Louis Pannullo