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Here is My Latest Single
'This Is Gospel'
thanks to Tarka Productions
More to come

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Featured Video This Is Gospel

  1. Bésame Mucho from Virat x studio
    Animated Video of Besame Mucho from Jeremy'd Debut Album 'In The Moment'
  2. The Music of the Night at Adelphi University
    Video is curtesy of Dr. Louis Pannullo
  3. Dentist from Little Shop of Horror at Adelphi University
    Video curtesy of Dr. Louis Pannullo
  4. Agony from Into the Woods Feat. Jeremy Hays at Adelphi University
    Video Curtesy of Dr. Louis Pannullo
  5. The Unreachable Stars Concert reel
    Concert clips from Jeremy's Concert at Coral Lakes in Florida
  6. The Prayer from A Show for Joe at the Gallo Center Feat. Lauren Jelencovich
  7. Can't Help Falling in Love Feat Michael Mott and Mary Michael Patterson at Coral Lakes Florida
  8. If I Loved You from A Show for Joe at The Gallo Center